One of my main hobbies is music, I love to play and compose my own pieces (and occasionally write a song or two, although I have no singing ability whatsoever).

Here you can find all my original music, written over the course of several years. Not everything I have written is recorded…and not everything I’ve recorded has been uploaded to this site.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the style and quality of my music writing has evolved over the years. There is some pretty old stuff here which is frankly a bit crap. Besides, most of the music here was written for my own personal reasons but hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy listening to.

As I tend to create fairly complex audio soundstages in some pieces, a decent pair of headphones are strongly recommended.

Piano Compositions

I compose new piano pieces fairly regularly but it takes time to publish them here as I have to convert the sheet music to PDF and record the piece as an mp3 file. You can find the piano compositions that I have uploaded on my piano music page.


I’ve also composed a number of electronic, synthesized or modern tracks. You can find these via my electronica page.